Saturday, April 2, 2011


I heard windchimes, although there was no wind, I bring home trophies all the time, although there was never a 'win',
 I Want u to know me, better than you knew him, -growing pains, saw that u out grew him.

Make ya change Ur name, Ur social, your sec-ur-ity & Ur number, 
Ur address, Ur mattress, uve had this, you have this,
Don't miss!- perfect aim, Dont MISS!!- fuckkng shame. Uve got this, number 1 dame, game over!
  Hall of fame

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm about to club one of these bitches...& drag her back to the cave..& when she wakes up I'll  introduce myself as Dave
 ... Tickle me again & I'll kindly ask that u shave, kindof like brittany did- right after she was a slave....
  Makin ya feel like prince- just invited u up on stage, purple rains & purple veins no escaping from these chains.... Hannibal lector & Farrell teaching u all about that brain 
  Nothings changed, things still lame, teachin Ur wildass to be tame & in return I'll do the same as long as u don't seek out that fame...
 referring to MY Goonie Goo Goo
Just talking shit kinda like that doo doo, 
google Eddie Murphy is what u shud do, if u don't get it, I'll explain it to u.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thankful for true Friends

I'm sooooo thankful for all of my many many True friends.....
I love Both of you mother fuckers!!!!

Prom queen

I really wish I'd have paid that prom queen to make me popular.
Maybe it cudve gotten me into Butter on college night

Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking for a Pretty Lady come take as many shots as we can down in a short amount of time,while discussing some totally meaningless topics, & bumping an almost-too loud iPod mix in the background, hopefully my theme music (Kanye- Runaway) song will come on, but she won't make the connection & just start shaking her ass to the beat.
  Then we'll end up playing Roadhouse on the pool table right after the uncomfortable 6mins wasted on the hottub attempt in scalding temperature while catching pneumonia :O

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Opinions are like assholes, everybodys got one. I have one of each

Monday, November 1, 2010

Spam from Harris Teeter ;)

K. Done spamming peeps. Again- not sorry. I did just catch carpal tunnel from fb'ing from the HT parking lot for 2hrs straight. One guy actually just asked me if I was on a stake-out!
Just very passionate about wanting my Country back. Tired of the "change" I'm trying to scrape up everyday just to survive. (I bet the Damocrats are heavily vested in Coinstar machines) Tired of ALL the many friends having the same things in common. Hardship. I'm over it....the "change" didn't work out. Shit happens... Change it again.
We dont just have to accept that shit. We don't have to Settle. Americans are starting to fall, fast. Step the fuck up. Brush off your knees & change this shit now & if that don't work....keep trying until we get it RIGHT. Don't fucking settle. You're getting lax America. Sitting back & just taking whatever u get & thinkng 'that's it'. If you're dealt the wrong hand & keep loosing.....change the fucking game or bring in another dealer!!!!
My grandfather used to joke about how dumb America was getting by the minute.... At first listen, u may have had the urge to dismiss this as just some ole Old Timer talkin smack about the younger generations. But I've been watching it unfold for years now & mentally documenting it. Speaking of which, as I sat here facebooking for the past 2 hrs spreading the word on voting via the iPhone from the Harris Teeter parking lot. 4-6pm during rush hour as "today's society" the workers, white collar, blue collar, soccer moms, adults, voters, neighbors, all classes of Americans stopped on their respective ways home to get something to cook for a good old fashioned American dinner tonight (something to nuke)
- I watched no less than 95% failed attempts to parallel park in the vacant spot before me'. Granted today's developmental standards for parking spaces & SUVs don't often coincide, but this space was oversized by today's standards & I didn't really notice any larger SUVs. I was so embarrassed for them.( -not really because I don't get embarrassed, but somebody shouldve been) It didn't matter what kindof vehicles they were in, long short mini etc..... In 2hrs of prime time traffic.....honestly.....maybe 5% got it on the 1st try. Up on the curb, 8point road turns & the majority just said fuck it & took off!!!  I'm 36 now & don't know what kindof training you have to take to get your license, but I do remember, that parallel parking was once a prerequisite. WTF happened. Is this a small anecdote to what's going on today? Learn enough to pass the test & get Ur license to drive but then not know how to fucking park the car???!!!!
  Im not sorry for spamming....& I really don't want nor do i expect an answer to the question "______, where are YOU voting & what time are you going tomorrow?"
 That is only to get the attention of the 'friend's'' of whomever's wall I wrote it on. Just a way to make it personal & put responsibility on individuality. People tend to overlook anything commercial now from all the dumbass apps & spam groups on fb so maybe one person...will see that comment on their friends page & spark an urge in them to ask themselves "where am I registered, it's tomorrow??!!    I'm going to vote too!!"
But what if 10 people read that on the 200 pages I posted it on.

  (to those of u w insecurities, Dnt take it personal...I'd be here 12hrs to get everyone.)
 That's it for now cause I'm cold as fuck sitting here in the window of Harris Teeter & now I'm going to get the dog food I came after.